We engage with you on an individual basis, understanding your specific requirements to identify optimal solutions tailored just for you. Utilizing our extensive expertise, we then strive to deliver outcomes that exceed your expectations.


At our firm, we pride ourselves on being more than just a service provider; we are a dedicated partner in your journey to success. We bring the perfect blend of personalized attention and a broad spectrum of professional services, tailored uniquely to your needs. Our commitment is to offer not just expertise, but a meaningful, collaborative relationship. This approach ensures that while we are comprehensive in our offerings, each interaction with us is shaped by a deep understanding of your specific goals and challenges. Our focus is on creating value that goes beyond just the numbers, fostering a partnership that is rooted in trust and customized care.


Be confident knowing that our firm is always prepared and skilled to manage all your needs, allowing you to concentrate on what’s most important to you.

Partner Profiles

Tammy L Kamp, EA – Tax Strategist

The most fulfilling aspect of my work is undoubtedly the opportunity to collaborate with our clients. Helping them navigate complex tax and financial challenges, and providing guidance to streamline their business operations, brings me immense satisfaction. My goal is to alleviate the stress that business owners often face, allowing them to focus their energy on expanding their business, while we expertly handle their financial matters. We ensure that our clients receive top-notch, proficient service in a comfortable and welcoming environment. We strive to create a sense of family with our clients, emphasizing the importance of trust and personal connection in our professional relationships.


I hold a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a Master’s in Taxation from FAU, which form the cornerstone of my extensive expertise in the accounting field. In addition to these advanced degrees, I am a licensed Enrolled Agent (EA), a tax professional rigorously tested and authorized by the federal government to represent clients before the IRS. This certification underscores my deep understanding of tax matters and commitment to the highest professional standards.

My journey in accounting began with an Occupational Studies Degree in Accounting from Bryant & Stratton Business Institute in New York. Over the past 20 years, I’ve applied this foundational knowledge in various roles, contributing to esteemed organizations such as McLane, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Bankers Trust, and Federal Communications Group. I am dedicated to continually updating my knowledge in the ever-evolving field of taxation, ensuring I provide the most current and effective guidance.

Chad Kamp – Real Estate & Sales Tax Specialist

In pursuing financial freedom, Coannah Financial Solutions understands that the key to success is preceded by sound, well-informed, financial decisions. One of the primary reasons I am appreciative of an organization such as Coannah, is the fact that clientele know that there is always an open door policy for them. Coannah’s fees are 99% flat rate based. This means, as a preferred client, you will incur no additional charge for the specific services you engage Coannah with, no surprises. We welcome and encourage open communication with you the client. Unlike most in the field, you can depend on Coannah to always respond to you in a quick and timely manner. We don’t like to wait and we don’t make our clients wait either.

Prior to joining the ranks at Coannah I had close to 17 years experience as a Field Revenue Officer with the Arizona Department of Revenue and the City of Mesa. My tenure at the Department has given me extensive insight to the inner workings of the Department. I put this unique knowledge and experience to work for you. In conjunction with serving on tax related issues for clientele at Coannah, I also work extensivelyin the real estate sector as a Designated Broker. As the broker of Coannah Realty Inc. I strive to protect the interests of my clients when buying or selling real property. Being a resident of Arizona for over 25 years, I am very familiar with the market, growth and trends of the Valley.

Having such a broad range of experience has better equipped me in weaving through the finer details of real estate investment and taxes. My entire working career has been in the finance arena. I enjoy working and accomplishing clients goals by sharing my knowledge and experience of governmental tax and real estate.

I look forward to putting my experience and knowledge to work for you when you join Coannah as a preferred client.